• Paver Patio with Pond and small waterfall
    "If perfection exists, it lies in the design of our new garden."
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Waterfall with Paver Patio and Landscaping
    "If artistry exists, it is on the face of every stone so carefully laid."
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Paver Patio with a Stone Bench
    "If hard work is to be honored, then everyone should be held as an example of true work ethic."
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Stone Steps with Wooden Pergola
    "If extraordinary people exist, then they are found at Poole's. "
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Flagstone Patio and Stone Steps
    "Because not only can they display their artistry, talent and work ethic,"
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Stone Fireplace
    "but they do it with grace, with style, and with humor."
    ~Jane Midget, Frederick, MD
  • Brick Patio & Fireplace in Frederick, MD

Welcome to Poole’s Stone & Garden

Landscaping & Masonry in Maryland, Northern Virginia & West Virginia

Poole’s Stone & Garden, Inc is a Design/Build Landscape and Masonry Company specializing in natural stone and native landscape design practices. After more than twenty in business, we have come to know what makes us and our clients happy – beauty and peace of mind. We take great care in solving our clients’ needs with an artistic approach and a sensitive eye on value. From landscapes and water features to fireplaces and stone walls, we welcome homeowners, civic groups, remodelers and landscape architects to call on our imagination and experience.

The joy in our work comes from being creative and useful contributors to our community and environment.